Monday, April 12, 2010

In the Cubbies of My Mind

This thing below?

It’s an organizer, of course. Lots of little cubbies. Adjustable. So much promise. So cute. And what have I done with it?


My mom gave it to me this past Christmas, and I’ve been holding off on using it until I found the perfect place for it. Now it’s April.

Today I realized what the problem is with it. The problem is that I need to find a doctor who can SURGICALLY IMPLANT IT INSIDE MY MIND.

Yeah, that’s where I’d really like to put this organizer. Then I’d label those cubbies: Children (Small, Medium, and Large); WIP; Revisions; Project Notes (Promising/OMG, So Stupid); Agent Related (Queries/ Responses From/Submission Guidelines/Favorite Cocktails); Friends & Misc Family; Blog Posts; Critiques-in-Progress; Books (TBR); Husband and Dog (they might as well share, since I’m running tight on space); Ridiculous Notions; Few Remaining Untried Hair Care Products That Might Possibly Combat Oncoming DC Summer Humidity; Stuff I Should Have Said; Enemies (Real/Imagined); Personal Cycling Fitness Goals; Excuses (Specific/General/Lame), and Plans For House Renovation (Likely/Highly Un).

If you have a recommendation for a surgeon who might be able to perform this service, please contact me ASAP. I don’t mind shaving my head in whole or in part. I thank you in advance.