Friday, May 17, 2013

Hello, Gorgeous!

I’ve talked openly -- and I dare say, bravely -- about my personal struggle with frizzy hair. 

Mostly this soul-baring has occurred on Twitter, where I regularly converse with several other women who share my Tragically Frizzy Hair Syndrome. We discuss the near constant bad days and exult in those rare, good days when frizz does not dominate our lives.

The degree and severity of my frizz is dictated by weather conditions, which, of course I have no control over. Really, the perfect place for me to live, seeing as I have this problem, would be the polar ice caps. Either of them would do. 

Hot, humid Washington, D.C., however, is no place for people like me, and yet here I am. I’m serious when I say that if I’d lived in the 19th century, without aid of a hair dryer and heaps of hair care products, I’d have been sent off to a work house or a nunnery or an asylum for people who share my incurable hair condition. And if I had somehow managed to marry, I’d eventually have been shut away like that crazy wife in the attic in Rebecca. 

So, yes, my hair is a source of continuing hilarity to my husband, who finds my desperate attempts to de-frizz myself laughable and endearing, like when a dog has peanut butter in its mouth. 

But today! Today, good people! My fortunes will turn and become smoother, sleeker, and more manageable. I'm sure of it! 

I’m going to get that miracle keratin treatment thing. It costs waaaaay more than I’ve EVER spent on my hair, but I decided that if it works, it will be worth the money and time and might just change the course of my life in much the same way that Tony Stark’s atomic heart has allowed him to rake in a billion dollars at the box office.

Sorry, folks, you’ll see no freak show exhibits here, but I can show you an approximation of me in my natural frizzy state. Here you go.

I’m way too chicken to take a before picture, but I’ll certainly post an after one. And I’ll let you know if I’ve keratinized in vain. Stay tuned!

OK, now all that being said, the post title does NOT in fact refer to my hair. I want to direct you to a contest over at artist/author Kate Jarvik Birch’s blog. Last year, I won this very contest, and Kate made me a new banner for my blog, which has now been incorporated into my brand-spanking new author website!

I’ll have more to say about my transition to the new site very soon. In the mean time, go enter Kate’s contest because she’s so super talented, and you will be a lucky person if she creates some original art work to embellish your online presence.

And, listen, if you don’t win, perhaps you can console yourself that at least you don’t have Tragically Frizzy Hair Syndrome. Unless you do. In which case, I feel your pain, sister. I really do.