Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Winner No. 2 of the BWB Blog Contest!

Here we go again! Another video for you to watch.

Keen observers will note that there's an uninstalled toilet in the corner of the room where this video was shot ... long story there ... one that involves a plumbing upgrade that's still in progress. But anyway, let's just get to that video, shall we?

There we have it! Thanks once again to everyone who entered. A big thank you to Molly Jaffa and Katie Grimm for doing the critiques. And, of course, it was a pleasure, as always, to work with my very own best writer-buddies, Renee Collins and Angelina Hansen! 

Oh, and speaking of Angelina, she'll have the last contest winner on Friday, 10/7. Don't forget to visit her blog to see if you won!