Saturday, June 15, 2013


I mentioned in my last blog post -- vlog, what have you -- that I plan to transition all my online yakkity-yakking over to the blog at my new author site

Welllll, sure. Good idea in theory, but I find that it's not so easy letting go of this one. One, because, though we have grown apart, I still care for this goofy blog, but also because I know people find following blogs on Blogger much easier than having to track people down hither and yon on the Internet. 

I, for example, will search out information on someone or her blog for only so long, and if I hit the least bit of resistance or the search lasts more than twelve seconds, I'm done. I could never cut it as a stalker.

So for the next couple months (aka "The Kristen's Blog Transition Period"), I'm going to do this: Every time I do a blog post at the new site, I'm also going to put the title and link to it here. That way it'll still show up on people's Blogger feeds. And then eventually, everyone -- myself included -- will reprogram their brains, and we'll just go straight to the new site. 

Sound good?

I haven't blogged much in the last few months because I've been in this weird limbo of post-book deal but pre-edit letter. But now that edit letter is here, and my book is moving slowly through the digestive tract of the great publishing python. I'll have much more to report in the months to come.

Why, as a matter of fact, I'll be dealing with the subject of The Edit Letter in my next super silly post, which I've planned for next week. 

But please do check out my new site, and while you're at it, feel free to go and subscribe to my YouTube Channel or chuck a few thumbs at me over at Facebook. Because you're super nice and supportive like that. Which is why I have a tattoo of your face on my neck. 

Thank you!