Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What Can I Tell You? I'm a Giver

Well, looky what we have here!

It's a nice big box of books, courtesy of the good folks who've put together

 World Book Night 2012 !!!

World Book Night is April 23, and you can read a bit more about the program here. It's a lovely idea, imported from the U.K.

Everyone's favorite evil footman.
You may be familiar with the U.K.


Downtown Abbey? Monty Python? Pippa Middleton?

Any of that sound familiar?

Anyway, World Book Night is all about spreading the love of reading to people who may be light or reluctant readers. The hope is that you'll put a book in someone's hand and say, "YOU. READ. THIS." And just like that, you'll have claimed another soul for the Dark Lord.

Ha. Kidding. Somewhat.

And, OK, maybe jaded as you are and pressed for time as you are, you're thinking, yes, yes, yes...simply cracking idea.... but I already love reading or else I wouldn't be reading Kristen's frabjous blog.

So let's get to it then. People, dig this: I will be giving away FREE BOOKS in celebration of World Book Night.

What book specifically? Oh, gosh, I don't know ... ONLY ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITIST BOOKS EVAR!!


Yes, that absolutely is Sherman Alexie's National Book Award-winning, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian.

No, I will not get the eff out of here. It's awesome. I know it is.

Now, most copies I will give away locally because frankly I can't afford the postage to mail all of them out, but I've decided to draft some of you in the blogosphere to be my book-giving sub-minions. (Get it? I'm the minion, you're the sub-minion....)

I'm going to give you a book and ask you to give one away as well. It's like a pyramid scheme but in a good way. And if you already own a copy of this book, please give away both copies. Can I trust you to do that?

Good. You've always seemed like a trustworthy sort of person even if my mother says you've got a shifty look about you.

To become a World Book Night Book Sub-Minion, all you have to do is leave a comment below. Yup. That's it. Click on the post title to get the comment box to come up, then say, "Gimme, gimme!"

OK, so maybe it would be nice if you could tell me if you have someone in mind you'd like to give this to. Preferably a young man who possibly doesn't read as much as you'd like him to. And let me tell you, although this is a MG/YA book, it's perfectly suitable for that husband/boyfriend/random dude in your life who maybe plays a bit too much XBOX. Just put this in his hand and say, "Oi! 'Ere's a book, mate! Read it!"

And, yes, you do have to say it just like that, with a British accent because World Book Night started in the U.K. and that's one of the rules. Weird, I know.

Comment away! I'll pick two winners and announce on Monday, April 23! Thank you for spreading the virus of reading with your sneezes of enthusiasm!*

*Yeah, I'm totally gunning for "Worst Metaphor 2012," so keep me in mind when they ask for nominees.