Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Guys, I am covered in a poison ivy rash. Ugh. My arms, my legs, my hands.

Two words will suffice to describe my condition: weeping + blisters. Obviously weeping is never a good thing, but when you combine it with blisters, which are also never a good thing, you get a really, really bad thing. Two wrongs make a wronger wrong.

In short, I am hideous. Like, small pox hideous, or post-nuclear-apocalypse-and-all-that's-left-on-earth-are-zombies-like-me hideous. 

People may brag about having a high pain threshold, but I’ve never heard anyone claim to have a high itch threshold and now I know why. I want to claw my own skin off.

I’ll be back once the magical steroids do their thing. In the mean time, if you see this stuff in yours or anyone else’s garden, stay the heck away from it.