Friday, March 26, 2010

Bloggerific Potpourri

Next week is Spring Break for the kids. Or as I like to call it, Spring Brake.

Like many of you out there, my writing productivity rises and falls according to the school calendar. Therefore I am getting out ahead of things and posting this bloggy potpourri now in case I get bogged down next week.

No, actually, let me put it this way: I WILL get bogged down next week and happily so. I fully intend to have a bit of fun and goof off. Like I don’t goof off every day, but still. I’m trying to be a responsible goofer offer by posting early.

Here we go:

• Have you seen the new movie trailer for Clash of the Titans? There’s a brief snippet featuring Liam Neeson commanding his minions to, “Release the Kraken!” Man, do you know how many times this week I have 1) wished I had a Kraken and 2) wanted to release it? It’s been a craptastic few days, that’s all I’ll say. My Kraken would have been working his butt off.

• I’m going to be doing some blog redecorating soon. Maybe some new throw pillows or a new floor mat. Seriously, though, probably more substantive changes than that. I’ve been doing some hard blog thinking lately, particularly on the direction I want to take things. And of course, once you have a blog, eventually you end up blogging about blogging. It’s like doing a clip show or musical episode on a TV series. It’s sort of expected, right?

• And further on the subject of blogging, supposedly I’m guest posting over at a blog you may already read regularly. Haven’t got the firm date when it’s going to run yet, but when I do, I’ll let you know. I think you’re going to get a kick out of the post. Sounds mysterious, eh? Building mystery and a sense of anticipation. It’s what I do.

• The road cycling season has kicked off in Europe, and I cannot wait to inflict my love of cycling on you all. I plan to proselytize in the most annoying fashion about what a great and awesome sport this is, and by the end of July, I’ll have you all hooked on the Tour de France, so help me. You will be waving the foam finger of fandom, I assure you. If you don’t know who Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen are yet, oh, by golly, you will. You will.

• Dear God, you all have GOT to do me a favor. Please, please, please go over to Blythe Woolston’s blog and add yourself as a follower. This woman is so smart and such a good writer and her blog has, like, 8 followers. It’s outlandish and wrong. If you can come away from reading her blog without being the better for it, then there is little hope for you in this world. Go. Now. Just pour yourself a snifter of cognac and read through the whole thing. Here’s the link:

Let the Spring Breaking begin! Here's hoping I don’t end up on some video set in sunny Ft. Lauderdale, or, failing that, shouting and shirtless on Cops.